Peformance Review: George Lopez, May 1, Radio City Music Hall (Sold Out Show, Just Added: June 25)

Everyone’s entitled to a George Lopez fantasy:

me and george lopez were having an argument the other day, see cuz he only has two jokes about Indians in his show, playing now at radio city music hall, and one is about how we stink and even though my students have already informed me that this is a high rotation stereotype im still a little heated at the mad hard laughter in response to that shit. so I gave him the gas face. suavate mami, he tells me, taking my arms in his, lifting each brown limb to the sun, now its slow mo, his face coming, coming so close, zooming in on my armpits, lemme see.

Who: George Lopez, comedian and host of “Lopez Tonight”
What: One of the hottest Live Stand Up Show’s on the planet
Where: Radio City Music Hall
When: May 1
Weather: It was a saturat
ed, humid Saturday night.

Lopez is a legend in our time, able to reach poignant depths and raunch in a graceful pivot.

I was at his show this weekend, it was either that or the fight and since Pacquiao isn’t till next fight, I was good to go for Mr. Lopez on May 1.

What a way to bring in May day, when only 3 years ago millions of immigrants and our allies took to the streets to declare that the time for human rights for all is now. George Lopez was funny as shit, had us rollin, plus he was repping for immigrants rights in more ways than one.

First of all, just by being a Latino comedian, straight sold-out at Radio City Music Hall, number one sitcom on Nick at Night, night time talk show buzzing up the airwaves with flash and talent, color and tracing family trees. He aired the fact that his sitcom was cancelled, then underbid for by a syndicate who wasn’t tryna give it no shine. But, proudly he updates us, #1 Sitcom on Nick at Night, we even beat out a sponge he says, in reference to Sponge Bob Squarepants. In terms of television history and culture, we are not so far from the days of Desi and Lucy. We love you George, you are doing the damn thing.

Second, he brought up the uber police state Arizona bill. What an unfortunate extension of states rights. Perhaps the states rights or federalist context is one that should inform more of our thinking on this issue. He was like, let them tell us to go back to our country, what are we going to do, he steps to his left one large step and says nonchalantly, sure, yeah. And what about when he talked about white people jogging, all in the middle of the day, watch, if we do that shit, then he makes cop siren noises, WOOOP WOOPWOOP, and then there’s George Lopez sinking to his knees, hands up, bringing himself all the way to his stomach, spreading his legs. The era is one of sanctioned torture, lest we forget. That stage moment was moving.

For more info on the racist bill, check out this Chuck D authored article at Huffington Post: “By the Time I Get to Arizona” — This Discrimination Must Stop

Third, what about the scene was so thick outside, lowriders scraping the bottom of the street barrel, one in the clip papi, so low down dirtay, hopping gravity, reigning proud, crawling down the light saturated, night decimated Time Square avenue. Inside too, old and young, couples and crews, solo warriors, folks feeling nice, folks looking good. Ladies, we in the powder room, we surrounded by mirrors, showing out, strut. Strut.

Fourth, the opening band, the Knight Riders played kick ass 80’s and 90’s music, like, remember when radio stations weren’t nearly as segregated as they are now?

Anyway, I had a fucking ball. More l8r.

Stay tuned for more dispatches from the cultural heart of America,
Roopa Singh

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2 thoughts on “Peformance Review: George Lopez, May 1, Radio City Music Hall (Sold Out Show, Just Added: June 25)

  1. Jess says:

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