Stop The Spill: The Sun Never Sets on British Petroleum (The less accessible clean water is, the easier the human population will be to control.)

Dear Readers,

Today’s New York Times, front page headline reads,”BP Says Leak May Be Closer to a Solution.” I have to correct this shitty excuse for journalism, I’m a teacher.

the teacher

It’s not BP, its British Petroleum.

1. British Petroleum is the fourth largest company in the entire world. This is the crown jewel of British corporations, and corporations are the lasting vestiges of colonization, the sun never sets on the UK’s largest corporation. British Petroleum is, in other words, a leading multi-national mercenary, an empire establishing entity. Say hello to “BP.”

2. Despite their influence, the company has been held accountable for a number of environmental crimes, including one felony for which BP pleaded guilty in connection with the Texas City refinery explosion in 2005 that caused 15 deaths, injured 180 people, and forced thousands of nearby residents to remain sheltered in their homes. Of course, giving a company a felony, and specifically giving this company a felony amounts to squat, a slap on the wrist, no incentive to act any different, clearly.

3. In 2009, BP used nearly US$16 million to lobby the United States Congress.

4. All this means that British Petroleum is now and will continue to be severely under-liable for one of the worst environmental disasters in human history.

5. And let’s be clear, I’m only scratching the surface here. But you don’t have to dig too deep to know so clearly that this is not just the Gulf of Mexico, this is all oceans, because it’s all connected, this is affecting the whole earth’s clean water supply.

6. The less accessible clean water is, the easier the human population will be to control.

It’s not a leak, it’s the worst ocean disaster of our lifetimes. The New York Times risks sheltering BP from the heat for this carelessness. Talking about BP “May Be” closer to a “Solution?” Ain’t no solution for this here. Maybe is nowhere near good enough.

Stop The Spill.

The Political Poet

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