on pittsburgh: at “ya momz house” recording studio

dear readers,

instruments are being hustled inside the shadow lounge, the musicians trying to dodge the raindrops, its been a wet, grey spring day here in pittsburgh, pa. the kinda day when cocooning comes easy, and writing flows strong like the sidewalk drains. im at ya momz house, my boy emmai’s recording studio. in a few hours im going to head down to the shadow, where jordan weeks is going to host an open mic comedy night. ima try out some new material in preparation for my gig on thursday. let’s see how it lands.

ya momz house recording studio

but mainly, what’s been good today, is how i’ve freed myself from my dear mother’s web. sister bekezela told me yesterday how spike lee’s commencement address last year at pitt or cmu was all about how not to listen to your parents, that was his main imperative: don’t listen to the people who raised you, because it’s their job to keep you risk averse. and it’s your job to take risks. course, that’s assuming your parents understood their roles, and acted right. sometimes it be backwards, in which case, you figure out how to do you.

now im grown
standing on my own two
and i see how she do
can’t barely see straight
why she tryna manipulate
i came home
but i be up out
webbing up these streets
building up my clout
everything she gave me
don’t always feel like much
she’s so out of touch
but still tapped into spirit
im so not tryna hear it
and i love you
but im not you
and thank you
but there’s more love in me
than there is from you

stay tuned for more from the 412,

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4 thoughts on “on pittsburgh: at “ya momz house” recording studio

  1. Sharpie' says:

    alright fresh”

  2. professorjawn says:

    so yes – yes, YES, so yes. because they have tried so hard to give us what “don’t always feel like much.” blessed be the truthtellers, so they may live to give love in ways the world has yet to know.

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