from delhi: not malls nor metro soften these mean, glean streets

dear readers,

delhi is wind blown today, and the air is white with fine dust. they say it’s blowing in from the deserts of rajasthan. the sandy silt hovers, covers, i can feel its grit in my mouth, it has turned brown the crevices of this black keyboard, it is on my fingertips as i type. saturday, the my lil cousin brother sweetu and i head to jaipur together, from there, udaipur to visit my ailing and eldest mausi ji. both of these ancient cities are drying out, the heat has got all the lakes lifted back into the sky, they say there’s a water shortage, im tryna hydrate as much as possible in the here and now.

any bombay or bangalore readers, holler at me, im going to be in your city soon, lets jam together, it would be a blessing to rock with you on the microphone checka, one2checka.

bout to go to the cinema with my mausi ji. ate a killer mango last night. oh, these simple pleasures.

more later,

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