love and life poems from bombay

dear readers,

im at bluefrog, a blingy venue in bombay, huge flat screens abound, a quiet scream quells on my lips, south korea loses, i am picturing the red shirted country shudder, and watch as the losers sink to the wet field, each alone in their grief, while the winners rejoice like magnets, stuck to each other, to joy beyond belief. where the screen was a band now is, an all desi band, an all rock set, they are called “the other people,” and they played an impressive set. a dude actually came correct, and we danced, had some floor fun, at least till 1:30am, when music gets its plug pulled. bombay. what can a girl say.

was every other word out his mouth
last night outside the club
he’s mad at his friend, sweltering love
i see it on tshirts on the side of the road
between black and yellow taxis
i clear my mental load
bombay is for writers
you can read it in the graceful decay
enjoy yourself, may not have another day

my 6 year old nephew
wears his sunglasses at night
i think thats tight
i love how he’s always moving
the hindi dubbed cartoons got him grooving
a sensitive child
quietly wild
a smile so soothing

its time for africa
unwinds from ringtones
across india
across the third world
waka waka has nearly 50 million hits
on youtube
and something about knaans remix
has me thinking
wave what flags
each of us a country
each of us a goal
every one of us a win
every one of us so whole
without these leaders
these greedy bottom feeders
we know we are more than war
we know we can more than soar
the music generation
our global body is ready for more


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