top of the world. poems from leh. this too is hip hop

dear readers,

the himalayas will make you think twice about your life, hence the philosophical type poems in this post. these brown peaks, white dusted, as tall and as far as the sky. im going to take a break from the internet (gasp, blogger sacrilige, i know) and just breathe as deep as possible through these last few days in india. my other country. enjoy these pieces, will holler back in around 10 days.


they say to to love
the questions
ask what is love
then seek its strong wings
give flight to
the questions
set them free
to form answers
in the shape of nests

listen to the water
and what she says
press the palms
of your feet
spread your knees
like mountains
listen to the river flow
between her
the fiend her
fire strikes chords
against the horizon


i didnt drown today
i still catch poetic wreck
i have your love today
i flow an abstract wet


i got the pumas with the fat laces
cuz it was either that
or type swift
down the memory
hot from ephemery
your love it lets me


if i was with friends
would i be different
would i be more relaxed
less tolerant
more or less
more or less
would i be between
more or less
is it another or others
who validate me
paleolithic reality
a female hero
is something to be
peace to red alert
and kid capri


peace from clear skies and stars as big as eyes,
the political poet

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2 thoughts on “top of the world. poems from leh. this too is hip hop

  1. red son says:

    i read them all. welcome back to one of your many homes. letter to follow, now that you have returned.

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