roopstar flow inspired by illmatic: that buck that bought a bottle coulda struck the lotto

dear readers,

today was another brighton beach, coney island, luna park, nathan’s type day. my girl lashonda’s birthday, anna ortega came thru too, and we had a blast, even rode a ride. came home and i lay down to write and what came out was all flow. sometimes its like that, you know its like that, i got it hemmed, now you never get the mic back. check the bombay to brooklyn summer flow.

they don't build them like this anymore

stateside/everywhere is powerplays
who were you today/pimp or ho
whats in the middle/we don’t 4 sure know
there, we do not go/
where balance meets poetic flow

don’t you know/i pledge allegiance
to the fact/that you want me to follow not to lead
as a citizen i feel so hollow/i don’t even bleed
scarecrow come off the weed/touch the ground with those feet
writers block and shady faces make the cypher complete
government food stamps offer some relief
but not without his power beef/
i want to put the whole situation between my teeth/
i used to kick it with this kid lateef/
he can’t use his feet/or his arms/
but that wheelchair aint short on charm
his birthday just past
what am i doing and how long will i last

i need no one to save me fast/
i am all the time taking myself to task/
wisdom is so vast/i don’t know if i could learn it
what does success mean to me and how do i earn it/
i don’t want fear to burn it/
the forest of my yearn it/
still feels petrified/i lied/i’ve never known pain/
i have more wins than losses/
my skin it flosses a honey comb brown/
the other day at the beach/
some motherfucker drown/
one more human life down/
as a child i learned to frown/
i wonder if i screamed and how did it sound

i got all these degrees cuz my mind has found/
that education keeps my feet on the ground/
when life’s noose has me lifted/above the gallows/
the gods sifted out my life to keep going
and i’m trying not to strife with my future/
went to the dentist and got these sutures/
where i came up the songs called us bitches

and now that’s all i hear/im corrupt ho/
you’ll never be my only one/
trickass bitch/it ain’t no fun
if the homies can’t have none/
how lonely are we/society
if sex is a good distraction/
and everyone is living but a fraction/
half of a whole/
buy a quarter when its time for relaxing

even if the weed drains you/
pent up energy/it pains you/
cuz there’s no place to wile out and just be you/
what does it mean to be true to my gods

transparent i feel see through/
ive been to cancun where the ocean is so blue/
and ive sailed around the world/
this mind stays brand new/
learning and hungry for a gold tooth/
to flash when i sing in the eggshell soundproof/
and clink when we kiss in the photo booth/
in my sleep buddha whispers the real truth

that i been molded for golden from the start/
double cracking eggshells is one art/
but i have so many/
its taking so much heart

sometimes i miss the 12th street bart/
in oakland/
a token/
of my affection/this is today’s life lesson/
to stay haunted by when i was hunted is out of the question
i am an angel flying high/
a bird’s precision in the sky/
there were no drafts this is how it came out/
my creative wing span don’t lie/

stay tuned for more,
the political poet

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4 thoughts on “roopstar flow inspired by illmatic: that buck that bought a bottle coulda struck the lotto

  1. professorjawn says:

    reedonkulous reworking of the LBC jam – thanks for making our classics ours again!

  2. malcolm says:

    Hey Sis,
    you are a brilliant star. One of the things that I love about you is your supa computa mind. I swear you think so fast, and write so well…Thank you for putting your beautiful musings on the internet for those of us who don’t get to see you enough.
    For Real, I LOVE you.

  3. You put me in an illmatic emulation poem! That is so awesome! Thank you for the birthday shout out. I am a old man now!

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