dear readers,

it’s 5 in the morning and im on my way outta this gotham town, be back soon. but before i leave, i had to hit you off with some inspiration from prince. i went to my boy marvin’s bbq a couple weekends ago, him and his whole trini fam threw down. on the coffee table, by where we let our bathing suits dry, was this amazing book on prince, and it, this quote:

“i make music because if i didn’t, i’d die. i record because it’s in my blood. i hear sounds all the time. it’s almost a curse: to know you can always make something new.”

special shout to my hip hop politics students, the semester’s started, they already shining, we reading the prince by machiavelli, bout to dig into machiavelli, by the prince known as tupac, to die for, what a blessing to create and teach.


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