silly of me and a love poem called ecstasy

dear readers,

i’ve been working on a classic soul song, by deniece williams, who sang the platinum, number one hit, let’s hear it for the boy, off the dance inspired 1984 movie, footloose. the song i’m learning, climbing up, breath pumping, is known as: silly. i’ma post it here for you, especially for my india crew, for whom this era of soul may or may not be new. below it is a poem inspired by love in brooklyn, i’ve titled it: ecstasy.

the one with the wife and kid
he still be calling
the one who wants to use me for my crib
he still be calling
the one with the pretty face
scars across it interlaced
said he got some purple for me
i said im doing 30 days smoke free
said he got some ecstasy
fresh out of jail for selling
wants to sell it to me
i said you might could sell ecstasy
but you can’t buy ecstasy
his scars crinkle when they smile at me
what if being free don’t make us happy
they say the brooklyn girls be oh so pleasing
baby the brooklyn boys be so last season
out of pocket for no reason
fallen soldiers dot the landscape
i’m high stepping across the faults, the earthquakes
lucky im from cali where we know about these shakes
my homegirl and i dance the truth
out there on the boardwalk
mist sun and moon world
wise guys make wise girls
i bet chaka khan sings when she cries
i know you, i live you
he said you should try it
i think you might like it
i said you might could sell it
but you sure can’t buy it


stay tuned for more,
the political poet

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