lens on new york city: the cell phone eye

dear readers,

was just in dc for a 50th birthday, where the power-filled, monumental streets give way to handcuffs and no relief, but in the midst we sure did shake it don’t break it in celebration of sister makani themba-nixon. i wish i had had my camera. but documentation can take so many forms. here are a survey of shots from my cell phone, this is a look at life in new york city.

i homeless: a striking piece of art commentary across the street from MOMA (the museum of modern art)

a couple weeks ago a student, for his audition piece, showed the class his progression as a photographer, from taking cell phone pics, to getting funded to travel to sierra leone and photographing there, in africa. his willingness to show the steps of growth inspired me to share here. photography is a passion, took a black and white class in college on a lark, and dug it so much, making magic out of light in the dark room. there is something to be said for the casual lens, the cell phone lens, the disposable lens, the pictures can be so revealing. this summer, i was at a film festival in south india, and aspiring filmmakers on the panels and in the audience were abuzz about the potential in cell phone movie making. because now we all have the tools. enjoy.

riding up the west side highway bike path all the way to a little red lighthouse underneath the george washington bridge

heart window in bay ridge

real indian hair: a common ad in flatbush beauty salons, though not usually with the scalped image shown here

riis beach

coney island sunset, labor day weekend

spirited mural on flatbush ave, near fat alberts

bay ridge graveyard, an oasis

brooklyn: my blanket drying on the writ up roof

come back for more,
the political poet

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2 thoughts on “lens on new york city: the cell phone eye

  1. Peter says:

    Indian hair has its own inherent advantages: it is simultaneously thin and strong. The hair comes from Indian widows, who are required to shave their heads, and then put through an osmosis process where the color pigment is removed.

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