what women can do for each other

dear readers,

last night, convo with a sister-friend, we imagined what our 50 year old selves would say to us now at the brink of our 30’s. what would we say to ourselves 20 some odd years from now. both us just cresting over our 30’s, both of us trying to do so much in each 24 hour time slot. here’s what we came up with:

baby girl, take it easy, take more bubble baths, have faith, trust in yourself, don’t do too much, but know that you can fly. with them pretty wings of yours. pretty, pretty wings.

my girl is an urban planner for the city of dc. and i, well i’m in art school at tisch, and a young professor to boot. we met as two scholy kids on a blow your mind trip called semester at sea. she just became deacon at her church. and i love her to pieces. me and my homegirl said our i love you’s and got off the phone, each determined to fill our own shoes, stand in the power we have.

stay tuned,

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