Reeeemix: Oh You Fancy, Huh?

Dear Readers,

There’s this song that’s been on high rotation since the summer, called, “Oh You Fancy, huh?” Blogs, tweets, even Yahoo Answers been buzzing on the Fancy Phenomenon.

“Nails done/hair done/everything did.”  The Fancy phenom is about handling your business, not for the next dude or female to notice you, but because you can and you can so damn well. But mainly, it’s about the ladies taking hours to get ready for the club, flossing the cleanest whips, looking magazine right, yes, the Fancy Phenomenon is about being the best you possible, but it’s also about showing off in a specifically capitalist way, in ways all geared towards the buying of more products.

Consumption used to be a name for a sickness.  Now its the name of the game.

I hear all that, I understand.  But from the perspective of a “Real Love” Mary J. Blige type, here’s how I would remix “Fancy,” if I could:

Work done/school done/everything did; Rent done/food done/everything did; Prayer done/run done/everything did; Song done/blog done/everything did; Oh you SLEEPY, huh?  You Sleepy, huh?

Lol, here’s a look at the making of the Fancy video, featuring interviews with Drake and T.I. with two adorable boys.

Like T.I. said, “we’re might full of ourselves all of a sudden, aren’t we?” But that’s before the jakes put bars like snakes all around him, and now T.I. on the same “Gucci, Prada, Chanel” as every other high rotation, capitalist song shell. For the self-proclaimed real heads, hip hop high rotation can be a crying, shake your head shame. But not always, there are still some gems on the Hot’s and the Power’s.  Cuz we sure been jammin to “Fancy.”

The death of Hip Hop will be delectable debate fodder for generations to come. Creation and destruction, at least in Hinduism, always go hand in hand.

Stay tuned,

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