oakland and they must be giants

dear readers,

okay, so first of all, go giants. i mean, any team that beats a father-son bush dynasty fest gets my vote. but also, i was in the bay for halloween weekend, and the celebratory vibe tucked into dive bars lining the shining mission felt just right. not since 1954 have the giants won the series, so let’s give it up to northern cali for this one. to get some oakland flavor, check out this remarkable video, it comes out of youth uprising, an organization that promotes young artists. the piece is in memory of a fallen homie. in terms of the art: it’s a damp day on the corner of macarthur and 90th, the cops just went by, and we doing this piece. that is, the publicness of the piece is gripping, their movements silent but deadly, relaxed and grounded but buoyant and heady, they are intervening in the flow of street traffic not to stop it but to add themselves into the concrete of their space. no wonder this one’s going mad viral. check it:

more on the bay after this french new wave midterm. props to my boy mario hardy for tearing it up one time in hip hop politics today. and mad love to the bay. we love our soldiers!


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2 thoughts on “oakland and they must be giants

  1. Mario Hardy says:

    PEACE to Professor Singh, for giving me the opportunity to walk among the Young Lions…BIG THANKS!

    And LOVE to Youth Uprising!

    Take care, stand firm, & give thanks!

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