article on shyne in the ny times: spirituality, discipline and hip hop

dear readers,

a superbly interesting article in the times art section today on the evolution of shyne. basically, shyne the young prodigy finds orthodox judaism in prison. son of the current prime minister of belize and a working class mom who brought him to america, shyne’s lock down reverberated deeply through the hip hop community because he was so young and (still is) so talented.

the article dips into the sensitive issues, such as whether or not shyne took the fall for then mentor combs, and pivots gracefully back to the main point of connecting discipline, spirituality and hip hop. to contextualize the underlying politics of the article, let’s briefly imagine the new york times coverage if shyne had found islam in prison and moved to palestine. i’m just saying.

here’s a core quote i’m taking away from the article on shyne’s relationship to discipline and spirituality:

“What I do get is boundaries,” he said. “Definition and form. And that is what Shabbat is. You can’t just do whatever you want to do. You have to set limits for yourself. All these rules, rules, rules,” he said with his hand on an open page of the Talmud. “But you know what you have if you don’t have rules? You end up with a bunch of pills in your stomach. When you don’t know when to say when and no one tells you no, you go off the deep.”

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