fall poems: a blues for luna

dear readers,

on a perfect fall day, the sunlight beams just so, and i just feel like curling up with my cat luna and watching love jones.  thank you to rutgers women of color, yesterday’s symposium was so inspiring!

an extra special shout out to the poet warriors holding it down over there in dirty jerz, shiny pole shoes with the crisp business suit i see yall.  afterwards, one student wrote to tell me that i “embody poetry.”  a high compliment, and so, for her and for all of you, here are the poems i etched this past week.  happy fall.



only my lifeblood

just the way i bleed

only how i breath

just between you and me


has designed me

like dna like genes

has defined me

like kisses like trees


is my angel

when i don’t believe in angels

is my devil

when the devil is all i need


becomes my nation

the only passport i need

becomes the language

from where i don’t bleed


i know i will find my king

i know that even now we are walking

towards each other

strength is flowing like a rope

between us, a silk scarf around

our wrists, fire, love, lifts


congratulations oh ocean

oh sea

for even in the windy gale

you do not thrash but thicken

showers of froth from the crests of your swell

all of your rise, all of your force

oh ocean

your chest is heaving

so gently you roll

not tumult in turmoil

but magnificence in the madness of flight

bruce lee meditations on water and light


society smile

talk to each other

walk that mile

we deserve to life our life

in style

not the style you can buy

the kind that gets you dancing on your feet

but only if we try

to remember we are free

to at least say hi



bye for now,


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