hip hop yoga @ latin fever dance studio (dec 13, 7pm)

dear readers,

i recently taught a hip hop yoga class at the hunter college school of social work, i love the folks holding it down over there, a couple of my closest folks in nyc graduated from that program and each one leads a life that is inspiring.  plus my grandma that helped raise me, hazel harris, she went to hunter, and she loved to talk it up.

people ask me, so what is hip hop yoga?  in this post, i’ll give you my take on it.  and maybe you’ll come out to the next hip hop yoga class, at latin fever dance studio in the bush.

by amo1

Hip Hop Yoga builds on the warrior and martial arts traditions that live in the lineages of both Yoga and Hip Hop. Thousands of years ago, Patanjali the yoga saint spent time with the Shaolin Monks, trading poses and skills.  When I teach Hip Hop Yoga, I honor that history by helping to keep yoga alive and integrated.


In class, we move our bodies like water through a series of Vinyassa and Restorative poses with a Hip Hop instrumental background. I’m talking everything from Mass Appeal to Aaliyah, to I Got 5 On It, to Erykah, to Biggie.  The class is restorative, sharpens the mind. My goal is for folks to leave feeling more grounded. FYI, I’ve taught Hip Hop Yoga at Hunter College’s School of Social Work, and Vinyassa classes at Yoga to the People.

hip hop yoga at hunter college school of social work

See you at Latin Fever!




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