you’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you: near lethal repetition on hip hop high rotation: comments on the end game of when profit and policing control popular culture in a challenged democracy

this is for everyone i love most in the world.

here, now, in america, music culture is heavily surveilled, artists routinely go to the cages.

perhaps most importantly, popular culture has begun to be so repetitive as to mimic school of the america’s torture tactics.  particularly in mainstream hip hop.  the profit made from our inundated brains is skyrocketing.  while at the same time we are increasingly less likely as a public to manifest ideas.  the very thing that this crazy experiment called america engenders is a near total access to a kind of universality.  the kind of universality that means i grew up seeing your moms getting out of bed, and i mean that in the kindest of ways.

i’m talking in mira mesa, a base town not too far from la jolla shores, san diego, california.  we grew up with each others mothers in our lives, pinoy, southern black, working class white, indian of course, mexican fo sho, now she brushing, now she taking out her rollers, now she cooking, now we up, now we brushing, on our way to school, like 6th grade, feel me, and what better way to honor this universality than to create.  but, illogically, the potential of accessing a wide platform, the opportunity to access a wide audience is at once better than ever and less possible than ever before.  than ever before.  particularly in the genre of main stream hip hop.  let us all remember the fall of lauryn hill, the resurrection which we are now witnessing is a blessing.  let us always resurrect.  that’s my wish for the people i love the most in the whole fucking world.

they used to call me 8.  you can too if you want.

stop procrastinating, do your work.



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