lil kim vs. nicki minaj: what do you mean by battle?

dear readers,

hope you not only made it through the holiday weekend but were blessed by all kinds of wealth, love, courage, that priceless gold called courage.

today on hot 97, people’s choice countdown, angie martinez show, featured lil kim’s diss rap, black friday, aimed high and aimed low but aimed for sure at nicki minaj.  black friday is supposedly as a rejoinder to minaj’s, no entry.  now we got the youtube phenom of drake at a concert saying nicki don’t stop you the bestest, calling out kim on stage.  as a hip hop writer i hesitate to enter this melee, if only because i loathe to be complicit in this battle.  battles are a part and parcel of the genre, true, but yet a plague on hip hop these battles are.  because it goes beyond inspiring artists to create, and it overflows into slave master’s kicking back a cold moonshine while the slaves fight to the death for massah’s viewing pleasure.  what, there’s not enough shine to go around?  really?  i guess not, because when i was coming up we had way more female mc’s than now, all of them could hold their own, none of this best ever, only one type shit.  nah, just everybody express yourself.  we all need to.

Silvia Izquierdo/Associated Press

but i digress.  for there is actual news for all of us, even the most under exposed, to wrap our minds around.  because in the times today king pins are getting taken in around the world, mexican leader of los aztecas gang takes the fall for the ciudad juarez women killings, and brazil’s favelas in rio getting infiltrated for better and worse by the swat teams which precede the world stage of the olympics and the world cup.  now it’s him and his boy in swim trunks getting taken in by the full armor and uzis.  and what about the diplomatic gaffe that’s set to fill up ink in newspapers for weeks to come.  you know, the one about how u.s. state departments let their documents get leaked by the thousands.  so now we have hard evidence that each outpost is an intelligence base.  sloppy.  and isn’t it so ironic that the sexual exploits of male leaders of the world are spoken about so cavalierly, so long as it’s not fodder for u.s. soil scandal.  the kind that could take down a golf career, or a presidency.  can hypocrisy reach new levels?  or is it only our understanding of the hypocrisy that climbs to new depths?

stay tuned,


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