fellow graduate students: your courage is yours to grow

dear readers,

speak truth to power. the cliche of it doesn’t take away from the need for it. last night a few of us desi students in tisch’s graduate cinema studies program chatted up bollywood over chaat and pizza. i so needed that moment of culturally grounding fellowship.

often i am one of the only people of color in my cinema studies classes. and it can be hard to stay grounded in ones power, ones purpose. sounds cheesy? sounds super 3rd wave? lol, maybe so, but let me tell you, the reality is, sometimes people in positions of power will go out of their way to encourage you or discourage you. but elemental to both words, encourage and discourage, is your very own courage. your courage may take flight or may take blows, but either way you have the option to remain indestructible. let’s be real, if someone is trying to discourage you, that means they are trying to strip you of your courage. and, it follows, that encouragement is geared towards building your courage up. but my core point here is that regardless, your courage is yours to grow, nurture, prune, water. let the flower of your ferocity rise like sunflowers shooting towards the sun. and don’t you ever, ever stop speaking truth to power. including the power of yourself.


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2 thoughts on “fellow graduate students: your courage is yours to grow

  1. Thank you very much for the words of encouragement! Just got into MPA program at John Jay and I printed this and plan on pasting it to the inside of every notebook and desk I use. God Bless!

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