on finals: tips for staying focused, sweetly.

dear readers,

especially if you work from home, or if you’re chipping away at final papers like yours truly, national public radio can be a boon.  listening to the radio can be a momentum push towards your day, a way to stay informed and stay warm at the same time.  it’s finals time so i’m on research and writing mode in a deep way, so i tuned into wnyc for all things considered, and was pleased to hear some engaging and dare i say, rebellious examples of radio journalism.

from npr's report on prostitution in oakland

one report chronicled the long history of afghan resistance to british, then american imperialism.  that report was a must listen for us revolutionary minded, because it reminds us of the bigger project of imperialism, and it foregrounds voices of the afghani people who insist they will always and forever resist.  the other stirring report was out of youth radio in oakland, a longer investigative piece on teenage prostitution, that is, sex trafficking in the town.


give these reports a listen, especially if you get easily distracted, it’ll help you focus and learn.




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