so yo, soy yo, a teacher: thank you hip hop politics

dear readers,

today marked the last class session of hip hop politics at pace.  i have to say, i am so thankful to have shared the space with the 32 student-teachers who ran with me all semester.  i learned a lot from them, hopefully they learned a bit from me, and i can’t wait to see them do their damn thing in the 4th annual hip hop politics performance.

teaching is a blessing i can’t describe

ever since i was a child i’ve wanted to be a teacher

and this semester was harder than any before

i may have gone above and beyond

i may have fallen short

but i know i came through

every damn class

for the love of hip hop

for the love of education

for the one young lady

who never finished a sentence without laughing

but who’s research reflected such sharp intellectual potential

for the one young man

who bloomed from tucked away in the corner

to up in front and meditating a lively discussion based off his ideas

for the older students

who came through with their hopes and skills so shining

for the one who always came in late

like clockwork though and i know she soaked us in

for the one with the glasses who subscribed to this blog

because i hear the clarity of your voice ringing out above the room

for the one who always teared up

because what she’s going through she knows i understand

for the one who finally cut off dude

because it’s no more drama time

and because she’d rather be single than disrespected

because she has so much more to be in this world

because she can learn

how to live

and live better.

thank you hip hop politics.

thank you so much.


prof. singh

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2 thoughts on “so yo, soy yo, a teacher: thank you hip hop politics

  1. qronicles says:

    Thank you for one of the most insightful classes and making my semester much more bearable!

    • politicalpoet says:

      you, the one who did the blackberry poem, typing away in a corner of her corporate glassed cubicle. i say go for law school. go for many things, you know?

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