a poem called not only: live blogging from my girl’s “whiskey, mint, and chocolate” party.

Dear Readers,

One more paper to go.  Thank the lords, each of em, all of em.  I wrote this entry while Youtube Dj’ng at my girl Arooj’s popping gathering.  A little maple syrup, plus some cinnamon and nutmeg, heat up that whiskey mix and mmmmm.  And I don’t even like whiskey all like that.  Anyway, here’s the poem from the electricity of the party.  Enjoy.  Happy end of finals folks!

Not Only

not only

not only is the whiskey so good with this maple syrup and cinnamon

not only is the high so nice on a feather filled down

not only is the world but an oyster a good clown will clown

they think im nice

because i don’t know enough

i know im nice

because i know too much

please tell your man to stop tagging 420 at my subway stop

not only am i down two papers out of three

not only did i get in my phd applications

not only did i just write like 40 pages of scholarly work

not only did i find the $7.25 subway card

not only did the yoruba singer do her spirit thing at the union square q platform

not only did i give her the found card, but she gave me a soundtrack for the eleguas passing by

not only did the lights of the union square market glisten and glow

not only did the trombone sound above the brass band

not only is ghandi in the sqaure, but thats where they were playing their gabriel hearts out, right in front of bapu and shit

not only do i teach yoga but i hate lulu lemon

not only do they turn everything into a profit, they cant never buy soul, can’t really sell yoga

dyin inside but outside you lookin fearless

not only do i shout out hip hop politics

not only do i appreciate the love

not only

not only

not only for that one semester

not only did we build so much love

not only

not only did i see so many young boys chasing each other on the crisp, pine strewn sidewalks of manhattan today

but i even got finally on the embed

happy holidays

sending love



2 thoughts on “a poem called not only: live blogging from my girl’s “whiskey, mint, and chocolate” party.

  1. sabrina says:

    happy holidays roopa-i have enjoyed your blog thoroughly in 2010. a little recipe for some holiday cheer for you, hot whisky style:

    apple cider
    pineapple juice
    cranberry juice
    whisky/bourbon(i use makers mark-mmm hmmm)
    cinamon stick
    couple of whole cloves, maybe allspice if u like it

    put whatever quantities of each suit you (my advice, go easy on the cranberry; the pineapple juice is banging) in a pot on the stove and warm it. it’s a little extra, but oh so special. and it makes your house smell good.

    • politicalpoet says:

      thanks for the recipe, and for reading! i feel like that’s a great holiday wish for everyone, esp all the ladies: be a lil extra, be oh so special. 😉

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