twenty eleven: may it be so good to you

dear readers,

happy new year !  it feels like diwali to me.  so i’m scrubbing the insides of my fridge, keeping candles lit, water on the altar, phone calls with loved ones far and wide.  no doubt, it is time to celebrate.

the first anti-war protest i was in was in the 8th grade.  we walked out of class, en masse. thing is, the wars never did stop.  and they say there are more slaves living on earth today than ever before in human history.  so when i say celebrate, i mean that it is our right, even our responsibility, to find the light even in darkness.  to lift like atlas the corners of our mouths so that more of the world alights in peace.

here goes a couple poems i etched at last night, i’m all the way turned up at sycamore’s, lady is writing at the bar, they buying me drinks, she’s writing over the ember glowing bar, i let the stripes dude brush my shoulders off for me, i let the hoody dude play me close, i let the hard worker walk me home, and i let myself be/snowy eyed and writer dyed/black ink/i’m on the hunt/this is how i think.


feels like our peace is at war

nine millimeter floozy at my door

feels like there’s gotta be more

than shiny shopping whore 4 money war

four more years there’s gotta be more


nothing can come between us

our thirst needs no translation

when we break night all through dusk

our breath love’s exhalation

music elation


i could feel your vibe

its all the way live

live and let live

give take and forgive

always been at war

we elect dancefloor

no no no war



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