on music writing, kanye, and how ceelo’s got us strung out

dear readers,

here’s the ceelo song me and some pretty amazing neighbors can’t get enough of.  it’s called no one’s gonna love you, and it’s an amazing cover of the original version by a group called band of horses, off their album, “cease to begin.”  anything to make you smile…

i love the library, from the big grand army versions to the little cortelyou hubs, if only because i remember being a little girl sifting through the titles at the mira mesa public library.  i would walk out with a skyscraper stack of books, all mine, thrilled by the kill.  barnes and nobles’ (and indie bookstores) are good for uber current perusal.  the other day i tore through a book on twitter and a collection of the best music writing of 2010.  jon caraminca, music critic from the new york times, was in the anthology.  because of the anthology context, i read his last review on the kanye phenom with new eyes.  the review gives good insight into the world of music critics. in 2010 my most popular posts were music related, so i’m focusing there, honing in on what y’all want.

the article is called: an album and its buzz (jon caraminica)

Welcome to 2011, a year that — once the last of the snow is scraped away — will bring new hope, the promise of renewal, a chance to wake up in a world in which Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is not the consensus pick for album of the year.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is the de facto album of 2010, partly because it is accessible to both insiders and outsiders….Lack of superpowers aside, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” (Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam) remains, six weeks after its release, a phenomenal album, third on my own year-end list, textured enough to still be revealing new crannies upon repeated listens, and alluring enough still to warrant those repeated listens.  But consensus is less a measure of greatness than of social climate. And when the year-end lists of several prominent outlets with different demographics and agendas — the magazines Rolling Stone, Vibe and Spin; the Web sites Pitchfork and Stereogum — share the same winner, it almost certainly indicates intangibles at play. Blessedly there was no consensus on No. 2: the Black Keys, Rick Ross, Deerhunter, LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire each got a nod. But that reflected a lack of other widely agreed upon ambitious albums; maybe Mr. West was a titan in an off year.

More vexing were some of the ratings, with outlets falling over themselves to grant Mr. West a top score: a rare 10.0 at Pitchfork, a slightly less rare 5 stars at Rolling Stone (which also gave that rating to his second album, “Late Registration”), an A from Entertainment Weekly (in fairness, a not infrequent grade at that magazine). And so such reviews are bones dropped for approval by tail-wagging puppies.


this excerpt was brought to you by the blogger you knew back then.  when there were no ads on the page.  won’t stay that way for long.  inshallah.




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