black and yellow black and yellow: roopa sings

dear readers,

go stillers.

it turns out that pittsburgh, pa has its own linguistic region. that is, the accent folks got in the 412 has flourished in a relative bubble, it is not an accent that is shared by surrounding cities or townships. but there are so many fascinating things that make the burgh a go to spot. it’s a chocolate city, for one, don’t let shadyside, cmu, and squirrel hill fool you. and so richly chocolate, sugar hill, the pittsburgh crawfords: a negro baseball league, the pittsburgh courier: national mothership of black newspapers. and who knows about “the o,” with its exquisite selection of 40’s? oh gosh, and the thrift store shopping. so many old school, hand crafted finds from when the southern, african american migrants had living wage jobs (or closer to it) at the steel mills and everyone had that good suit. now those good suits are going for $5 dollars at the cutty goodwills. wow.

go stillers!


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