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oscar winner for best pic: the kings speech, a review!

dear readers,

so i was live tweeting through the oscars, if you follow me, i’ll follow you. i’m @r_str_. the social network got wholesale dissed. the kings speech came the fuck up. fav moments: nyu shout out, gwen paltrow working real hard to sing, j. hudson rocking her new body, oprah appearance, halle berry channeling lena horne because of course horne was a mentor to her life, and the earnest love that was shown to family and friends. awwww.

click right here for my review of the king’s speech on bitch flicks.

many people were tweeting about the solid whiteness of the event. an extraordinary example of how the era of a black president is also an era of white domination in a culture war that is unending, and unrelenting. thankfully, relentless is the talent of the culture warriors that fight, we will always be heard by the ages. always and only.


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photography on how brooklyn will never be overrated

dear readers,

there’s so much going on at any given time in america’s coastal hubs, bay area, new york city. so many of my folks in the bay just got into the prince tour, with the mad sheila-e cameo. so jealous! i remember bartending for shelia e’s birthday at sweets ballroom, the whole musical estevez family, a sight to behold. so jealous. ;p

the other day, i heard someone ask, “is new york city overrated?” the question stuck in my mind, because it may, but only for the under-adventurous. as a friend reminded me, there’s plenty of mystery here in nyc, but you gotta be fearless enough to tap that vein with heart. and health. here’s some photo’s from a few recent events that clearly show, brooklyn will never be overrated. for example, last night i was at southpaw last night for rah dig’s all female hip hop showcase, where i was blown away by folks like nitty scott mc reppin coney. there’s live footage to come, promesa! some shots from bedstuy, slick rick’s lodi dodi birthday party (brooklyn bowl), prospect park coming into spring, and a yours truly event, roopstar holding down the last weds comedy show at solo’s, the onliest hood bar in ditmas.

bed stuy at night: tho i walk thru the valley....

brooklyn bowl, an alley with attitude

happy birthday slick rick the rula

at sycamore, the other neighborhood bar

prospect park: bring on the spring

last weds at solos: the block represents

lace and justin tellin me back in the day tales of jacking nice-n-smooth for they girls! RIP Big L!

when he's not djing at pacha, anthony's at last weds comedy night

what about your friends!

much love to brooklyn, for welcoming a west coaster with warmth

come back for more,

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tonight: last weds is comedy night at solo’s

dear readers,

it’s the last weds of the month and don’t you know it’s been quite a month! worldwide revolution, so many wins, so many losses, our skin, it flosses, a honeycomb brown, in the day by day i refuse to drown, so let’s laugh it up. tonight. brooklyn. i go on with a comedy set at 9pm sharp, then i DJ from ten on. the set will include tributes to the recent revolutions, and the late greats, big pun and guru, and of course, teena marie. here goes a couple flyers, and the last pic is of me and rinaz, the bar manager at solos. come out, come out wherever you are. the block will be representing!

come back for more!
love (and i mean that),

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