open mic 2nyt: subcontinental drift (NYC)

dear readers,

here’s where i’ll be tonight, and where at great line up of folks are going to be doing their damn thing, raising our voices at a time when we must, cairo wont be the only thing on the brain, but it will be in my song, and in my comedy too. and i get the feeling we are going to be rejoicing. come through, i bet you’ll leave with a full heart!

come thru:
where: CULTURE FIX, 9 clinton st
where: F TRAIN TO E. HOUSTON, like at Ave B
when: tonight till at least 11
how much: FREE
what: subcontinental drift (more on them below)


A group of talented DC desis got together in 2007 to form Subcontinental Drift, an open mic night encouraging creative expression and artistic participation amongst South Asian Americans. The idea was a hit, and spread to Chicago last year. Now, bringing it all to the greatest city in the world: Subcontinental Drift – NYC!

Celebrate, innovate and experiment on Thursday, February 3 @ Culture Fix. We guarantee it’ll be one of the best nights of your month.

No creative limits: improv, comedy, music, performance art, oratory, dance, spoken word, or whatever else you can think of.

Anyone can perform. Anyone can watch. To schedule a slot in front of the mic, or if you have any questions, email us at

Show starts at 8, ad hoc sign-up for the mic starts at 7:30 (first come first serve).

Join the Subcontinental Drift – NYC Facebook page for more info:


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One thought on “open mic 2nyt: subcontinental drift (NYC)

  1. digitaldevah says:

    Points of interest:

    February 11, 1979 Shah of Iran Falls

    February 11, 1990 Nelson Mandela is free

    February 11, 2011 Mubarak Falls

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