surrender: a poem from the salsa dancefloor

dear readers,

i’m rehearsing music, but took a minute out for some butter pecan and fresh strawberries, a little facebook action and whatnot. i thought i’d share with you a poem i wrote the other night. this baldwin conference got me steeped in poetry, it fuels us. singularly, it is poetry that makes me dance. this piece is called surrender.


all i’m saying is surrender
it’s a 15 piece salsa band
me and the young homie dance
crip walking kid cudi’s touch hands
he a shorty so i didn’t spread all my heat
then the last song came, here come a fresh og
he wanna dance, my eyes see his sweet
all im thinking is surrender

all im telling you is surrender
the horns and his hands tighten
on the full moon of my hips
he keeps kissing his fingers to his lips
the muscles of his face and chest
touch me at my breastbone
a pillar to beat my wings against
i am folding open and against him
orbiting like planets
like lovers/goddamit
i need you/god planned it
all i am thinking is surrender


that dude, he said the name of the song was don’t cry for me. i replied, that’s a good name for a song. i gotta scope for more salsa spots. yum.

more later,

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