photography on how brooklyn will never be overrated

dear readers,

there’s so much going on at any given time in america’s coastal hubs, bay area, new york city. so many of my folks in the bay just got into the prince tour, with the mad sheila-e cameo. so jealous! i remember bartending for shelia e’s birthday at sweets ballroom, the whole musical estevez family, a sight to behold. so jealous. ;p

the other day, i heard someone ask, “is new york city overrated?” the question stuck in my mind, because it may, but only for the under-adventurous. as a friend reminded me, there’s plenty of mystery here in nyc, but you gotta be fearless enough to tap that vein with heart. and health. here’s some photo’s from a few recent events that clearly show, brooklyn will never be overrated. for example, last night i was at southpaw last night for rah dig’s all female hip hop showcase, where i was blown away by folks like nitty scott mc reppin coney. there’s live footage to come, promesa! some shots from bedstuy, slick rick’s lodi dodi birthday party (brooklyn bowl), prospect park coming into spring, and a yours truly event, roopstar holding down the last weds comedy show at solo’s, the onliest hood bar in ditmas.

bed stuy at night: tho i walk thru the valley....

brooklyn bowl, an alley with attitude

happy birthday slick rick the rula

at sycamore, the other neighborhood bar

prospect park: bring on the spring

last weds at solos: the block represents

lace and justin tellin me back in the day tales of jacking nice-n-smooth for they girls! RIP Big L!

when he's not djing at pacha, anthony's at last weds comedy night

what about your friends!

much love to brooklyn, for welcoming a west coaster with warmth

come back for more,

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6 thoughts on “photography on how brooklyn will never be overrated

  1. sabrina says:

    Hey roopa:

    just came over to your site-haven’t been for a while & i love the new neon lites! although i will never ever ever believe bklyn to be overrated, as a lifelong bklnite, i am sad that it has become as bastardized as is has. it is a catch 22 though, rite? i mean, my block in central prospect heights was HOT throughout the 70’s, 80’s & early 90’s-harmless winos turned slightly more crazed and dangerous during the crack era, yet such a strong sense of neighborhood and commonality- i was outside playing by myself until all hours at 6 yrs old. when my parents bought their brownstone in ’72, they couldn’t GIVE the apartments away! fast forward to gentrification and all that good stuff, and my mom is worth more on paper than she has in the bank! but, i don’t even know my neighbors. my son sits outside alone for hours in the summer just waiting for some other kid to come by to kick a ball around with. so, as far as bk being overrated, no; it’s overrun with people who are trying to make it manhattan, and every single sweet little uniqueness is quickly discovered, blogged about, reviewed in NY mag, and ruined. can’t hate, though. my boro is the best!

    • politicalpoet says:

      girl yes, yes and yes. um, do you blog? i love your writing style. and check this out, ima do whatever i can to not be one of those bloggers that dissect the shit outta everything brooknon. :)) thanks for being a loyal reader chica.

  2. sabrina says:

    thanks for the kind words-i do not have a blog, yet i have been fantasizing about starting one on food, eating, and cooking (my favorite pastimes)for some time now…nervous that i won’t be able to post regularly enough, though. i am someone who writes, but maybe not a writer for real? or maybe a frustrated writer? i am a baker, chef, mother of a rapidly growing brown boy (YIKES!), stifled gov’t employee constantly looking for another way to pay the bills, or at least be inspired while stuck in the cycle of the grind! thanks for respecting the bk lovely…i’ve been meaning to stop by that sycamore place, too…

    • politicalpoet says:

      i see, i see, in other words, you’re a superwoman. šŸ™‚ i don’t know, i can sense a real rhythm in your flow, something fresh, upbeat. i’d read your stuff, surely. starting a blog on wordpress is like 1-2-3. but i understand about the regularity issue. you know, i just read an article about how blogs are old hat, now everyone’s on twitter. i for one am glad that folks are looking elsewhere, to other social media, so the blog phenom can grow and morph and just be. there’s nothing that says you gotta post to a blog every 5 minutes to have it live. i think of it as more long form journalism, at least for me, it’s more like a place for me to do the column i wanted to read but couldn’t find. you could do it like monthly, weekly, however. of course, this is from someone who is still working to make cream from all this milk, but la lucha continuar! we should link at sycamore sometime, no?

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