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hip hop yoga: spring tastes like new years: holi/phagwa pic

dear readers,

hip hop yoga coming up a week from today, in brooklyn, new york.  april fifth, first tues of the month.  it’s $5-10 dollars, because i believe in teaching a class i could afford.  pro bono community classes to come.  it’s at third root, a great lil community center in flatbush/ditmas park.  q/b train to cortelyou.  8pm. here’s the deets:


8PM (hour long class)::$5-$10::

@Third Root: 380 Marlborough Road

for my kings, some of yall may think yoga is some sissy stuff, and yes we will be getting on our hands and knees, bending over, in addition to holding postures like chair and low push-up, the whole nine. these asanas are excellent spine openers. they are also stamina builders, strengthening the spirit and shit. monks of shaolin do yoga. im sayin.

also: phagwa, holi, navrouz, whatever you wanna call it, spring tastes like new year to so much of the world.  happy holi!

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a moment of silence

i once got a hug from betty shabazz

indian and i be feeling that jazz

i’ve been on top of and under kings

and i’ve even been an underling

do you believe the worst is over

that the hardest parts are done

i do and i know

the best is yet to come

100 youths are fighting on a coney island court

i stay shooting, the boys stay looting

taking our babies to court

i’ve been on the radio from cape town to tha town

they say i smile pretty that its wide enough to drown

the horror and the melee in all the peoples frowns

the chaos and the wonder

these earthquakes are shady

why does the earth get torn asunder

ima take myself to school now

where i always wanted to go

fame and juliard ain’t got nothing on this show

cocoon again and practice

cuz what i want, i can know

so let this be a moment of silence

back to blogging i will go

but for the next couple months ima mainly twitter

so follow me

if you want more of this flow

my twitter: @r_str_

see you there readers,






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spectacle and hate: the hearings, the hype

dear readers,

its so brooklyn right now. npr is abuzz with news about the unprecedented earthquakes in japan, the sun is back out, and through my brick building window, wafting up over my fire escape, the islamic call to prayer is being sung, the baby downstairs is crying, the west indians upstairs are playing reggae classics, a crow is cawing, utensils are clinking, a moment of peace amidst the storms, and i am writing this post to you.  here’s some laughter, esp for my nyc heads.

this clip of mine references the public atmosphere of post-9/11 nyc, where subways are plastered with “if you see something, say something” signs.  it’s a little tense out here for the muslim diaspora the house hearing on american muslims aren’t exactly lightening the mood, smh.

gone are the days of public lynchings, yet still we are obsessed with the spectacle of hate. in fact, the lead article in the times on the hearings (linked above) was a television review.  though there were others articles on the hearings, i take this lead article to literally mean that the value of the hearings was more for culture war show and swagger than for substance, safety, nation building.  reminds me of all the pomp that surrounded the koran burning preacher from down south, who garnered mad media attention, despite being a non-issue, a non-leader, because truth be told he had a negligible following at best.  the culture war is being won on the backs of actors, stand in’s for leaders though it is clear we need real leadership.  but just now, in this climate, i’m wondering what real leadership really looks like.

i am gearing up for a couple weeks of intense study, but i’ll be blogging again on monday.  stay tuned in.  ear to the streets, heart to the beat.



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