a moment of silence

i once got a hug from betty shabazz

indian and i be feeling that jazz

i’ve been on top of and under kings

and i’ve even been an underling

do you believe the worst is over

that the hardest parts are done

i do and i know

the best is yet to come

100 youths are fighting on a coney island court

i stay shooting, the boys stay looting

taking our babies to court

i’ve been on the radio from cape town to tha town

they say i smile pretty that its wide enough to drown

the horror and the melee in all the peoples frowns

the chaos and the wonder

these earthquakes are shady

why does the earth get torn asunder

ima take myself to school now

where i always wanted to go

fame and juliard ain’t got nothing on this show

cocoon again and practice

cuz what i want, i can know

so let this be a moment of silence

back to blogging i will go

but for the next couple months ima mainly twitter

so follow me

if you want more of this flow

my twitter: @r_str_

see you there readers,






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