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a little change never hurt nobody: gone till aug

dear readers,

man, writing is so vital to me, and while i study for this next goal, i’m focusing on non-blog writing, which is actually really exciting.  at least till aug, the politicalpoet page is going to be under construction, so please excuse the dormancy.  what looks like retreat can actually be heat, building.  here’s a recent shot of me, for my friends and family.  a little change for the summer never hurt nobody.  🙂



lapd, biggie, and mainly, graduation: what does it mean to you?

dear readers,

as a teacher, I went back to school, partially to remember what it was like to be a student.  being in school made me a better teacher, and for that alone i am so thankful.  the same day i would get on a student for coming in late, i would be late to class, and it would remind me that as students, we are grown.  so now you’re graduation, what does it mean to you?  reflection these days is crucial.  the press is whipping us all into a frenzy, we are skipping rocks bouncing from one worldwide drama to the next.  in the midst, there is a calm, and in this calm we plan our middle game.  in chess there are three main avenues of strategy: the opening game, the middle game, the end game.  me, i was raised in crises, so the drama and apparent recklessness of the opening and end games are my shit…at least, up until now.  the middle game is my place of challenge.  what do you do when life is safe enough to plan into, how do you position yourself, how best to delegate when you have your tools standing like soldiers to your left and right, ready to fight?  when you’ve been raised to fight in high drama, the relative calm of the middle game can seem less than compelling.  oh, but it is still life and death.  i went back to school after 8 years out, and now that i’m about to graduate from tisch school of the arts in cinema studies, i am dedicated to developing my middle game in such a way that my end game is nice and tied up.  they say they found out the lapd was complicit in biggie’s l.a. murder.  i say we study, and study some more, the way these forces flow.

happy graduation, especially to you.

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