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little dragon

this song by little dragon has me riveted:

nail shop

too young to get nails

too young to do your own hair

so we did them as soon as we could

flying on half formed wings

what power in doing grown up things

we trade stories at the shop

see what all you got

queens naturally rise to the top

end game, chess, rock.




poems from prison

what about when you sweat

and then wash under

a clean faucet

until the very thought of you

is open wide bee hives

pores drip honey down her sides


what about when you cry

so many do yoga, but why

c this all the temple i have

move like this, i get to be bad

and pray into hips

finger tips had

sparks flying off, i swear

black curling hair

cartwheel colors of care


what about parvati

and how she dance

a writer flashing stories

a fighter blind with glory

but i am forever

and this body is not

find the beat

monarch all youve got

butterflies choke the air

sound of orange raindrops in her hair



so much to say, thanks for reading!  -rs





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rihanna and chris: flags at half mast in jersey for whitney

this post used to have a clip from when kevin costner spoke so movingly at whitney houston’s wake this past weekend in jersey.  he kept saying how she would say how she hoped she was good enough.  good enough.  when she was so the definition of great.  sigh.  my last post on chris brown and rihanna was right after he had mauled her.  and that post got thousands of hits.  which made me feel like my writing was probably not just good enough, but was great.  necessary.  anyway, i have only this to say about the patterns of love and hate unfolding, ricocheting like bullets around us.  sheesh, what with being force fed a false election process and now the public self-immolation of other great singers, the drama factor filling air waves filtering all through us is hectic.  so in the midst of all these wars, i’ve been turning back to the art of war, which i once used to help teach tupac’s machiavelli in my hip hop politics class, the 2011 fall semester, at pace.  here’s the quote:

“therefore a victorious army first wins and then seeks battle; a defeated army first battles and then seeks victory.”  i like it, because it reminds me to be present in victory every day, every hour, every moment, each breath.  and, of course, it speaks to strategy, and taking time to set the game plan for victory in motion in the here and now, arrow how, you reach your mark, a win for the artful warrior will not be a lark.  so yeah, taking time to plan.  and focus with every breath i can.

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