About Roopa

“I’ve got an eye out/for shit that cries out/passionately.”

(Andre Benjamin, Outkast)


thanks for reading. i’m currently brooklyn based, a hip hop yoga teacher and grad student at tisch (nyu), studying cinema and popular culture. i’m also an adjunct professor in political science, been teaching this class i love to death, called: hip hop politics. but i came up as a community organizer, with unions, mainly. that was in san diego. then, after law school (uc berkeley), i worked in prisons, with women, but also taught at san quentin. that was in the bay area. an apprentice at national public radio with nina totenberg had me in the supreme court for a semester. that was in dc. i post to this blog no matter where i am, for example, i posted throughout the summer of 2010 when i was in india. i encourage you to stay tuned. cuz i give it to you raw, unadulterated, even at times, genius. but that’s my biased perspective. let me know what you think.

email: politicalpoet@gmail.com
email: hiphopyogateacher@gmail.com


18 thoughts on “About Roopa

  1. Cristina says:

    I think I’ve stumbled upon the correct website, we met at Dominique’s party this past Friday. Anyway I wanted to invite you to rivers of honey which is this Friday, there’s an Open Mic…
    email me and I’ll tell you more.

    hope you are well,

  2. terri demartini says:

    it’s terri from sf war counseling… hi… i would love to be part of your mailer… right now i am in transition in chicago i love that in transition… i sent you an email at your political poet address. love your work and am gonna pass it along to my friends here.

  3. Eternia says:

    I wanted to thank u for the eloquent tupac quote u left on J Smooth’s site under my video post.

    way to sum it up…. way better than I could have. it was … well it felt validating.

    thank you.
    (sometimes I question this abusive relationship between Hip Hop and I…)


  4. whats good. holler at me

  5. oooooooh. tight new layout! your last post was stunning, i thought i knew a lot about the legal history of crack, but naw, you put it on the people so clear and so clean! it’s like, should i read the newspaper, or should i read your blog…your writing gives not only info but makes a nukka say unh, na na na na na. it’s hard to interpret these legal shifts- while the impact is potentially enormous, is it a structural or superficial shift. should we celebrate or simply smile ironically? yes, yes y’all, she’s on fire y’all.

  6. Peter says:

    Yup I got your refundz down to the penny. Thank you for shopping at Pete’s.

  7. Vinay Pandey says:

    Great writing skills :).

  8. Ray says:

    Hey Naxal,

    It was good bumping into you in the AAAS elevator. Did the rest of it go well for you?


  9. Linda says:

    heard/saw/felt you at roses n bread last night. powerful words, powerful images, healing energy. thank you much. i’ma keep an eye out for more. thanks for the info on the blog, which is now added to my daily reading. keep on keepin’ on… lin

  10. Dakker says:

    Another semester in the archives…

  11. Zhennik says:

    Strangers on a Train. Only we’re not planning any murders. I enjoyed our conversation and am grateful to have met you. As it happens, I will go to T’dad earlier than expected. Death stains. It is my turn to clean the street. Our time [family] to gather is sooner rather than later. I hope to meet up with you again when I return. If I do not speak with you before I leave, peace and love always, Nik.

  12. Lewis says:

    It was nice to meet you on Friday. I hope you found a good place to eat. I was actually at the Xcel Center for the Obama’s speech and I think you captured the impact of the event quite nicely. If you need anything else in Minneapolis, hit me up and I’ll do what I can.


  13. Velez! Moore says:

    Hi Naxal,
    I’m a member of Fort Greene Peace. Nora told us about your interest in possibly performing a spoken word piece at our June 12th Forum on Racial Profiling & Police Brutality with a focus on the Sean Bell case. I’d like to read/hear some of your spoken word work, can you direct me to the site?


  14. jessica says:

    hi, i saw you last night at the ft. greene peace forum…loved your stuff, think you should post it here!! especially the morning on 4th avenue one.


  15. just another jessica says:

    my friends and i saw you at an ALP event a few weeks back. fortunately, we thought to send you myspace messages saying thank you which led us here. your words are gifts, thank you for sharing. please keep us posted on anything happenin in new york, we’d love to come out. peace and piece of mind

  16. Martha Sea says:

    Thank you so much, Roopa, I was able to find out what happened with the coming of Evo Morales because of your blog. I googled his name in harlem and was able to find out that the show was cancelled, but so much more information as well. Thank you, dear. I can rest here from combing the sites for a few minutes.

  17. Kendra k says:

    You are a real bad ass Roopa.

    Kendra from W&P ’09

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