Professor Singh and Hip Hop Yoga

Always Been A Teacher:
I’ve taught Law and Social Change at City College (CUNY), The Supreme Court, Constitutional Law, I’ve taught on International Economic Organizations at Pace University, and on Hip Hop Politics. I got my BA at the University of Pittsburgh, my law degree at Boalt/UC Berkeley, and I’m about to get my Master’s in Cinema Studies at Tisch/NYU. Which is all to say, that I have a voracious appetite for knowledge. I like how knowledge liberates. But don’t get it twisted, all that school can get you caught up. Everything comes at a price. So I make sure to download after being in the institutions of learning and, admittedly, conditioning. That’s where the Hip Hop Yoga comes in.

And Now I’m Teaching Yoga:
Hip Hop Yoga builds on the warrior and martial arts traditions that live in the lineages of both Yoga and Hip Hop. When I teach it, I try to move the body like water through a series of Vinyassa and Restorative poses with a Hip Hop instrumental background. The class is restorative, sharpens the mind. My goal is for folks to leave feeling more grounded. I’ve taught Hip Hop Yoga at Hunter College’s School of Social Work, and Vinyassa classes at Yoga to the People.

Hip Hop Yoga Header Image By Amo1:


6 thoughts on “Professor Singh and Hip Hop Yoga

  1. Baahh-Nazshonnii says:

    Hi roupa

    how are you?

    when you coming back to see us in oakland?


  2. naxal says:

    hey baahh,

    i’m coming as soon as i save up to get there. how you livin?

  3. Hi Roupa,

    Angela Wellman here. Thank you for keeping me posted on your life. I will read your journal this week. I have a new address. Use this one instead of the one.

    Much love!

  4. Hey,

    Thanks for the Mehendi last night. Looks really pretty.


  5. Ali Coleman says:

    happy monday roopa…lovin the blog 😉

    keep spreadin love my wonder~filled sista

    • naxal says:

      thank you for tuning in ali, i know you got your ear to the street so im grateful for your time sweetheart. see you soon on a dancefloor hopefully!

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