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headlines: iran in deep water and split second swimming

Hi Readers,

This is the first online taste of my hip hop based political commentary on New York Times headlines of the day. I chose the NYT, because, for better and worse, it is widely considered the paper of record for this country and beyond. In these journalistic poems, I hope to address the following questions: What can we learn from the news today? And, importantly, what do we FEEL from the day’s most headlined stories? Enjoy.

March 28, 2007

breaking news/
binding shoes/
ancient china to high heeled blues/
walter mosely and the context clues/
at facing race where i started this blog/
ima send this to yall/
breaking news/

breaking news/
breaking you/
down to split seconds/
a water champion named phelps/
beat his own world record/
the australia world swimming competition unfurls/
butterfly on a man vs. man stroke/
and sports aint no joke/
but there is a bit of me/
that wonders at the epitome/
of humanity fixated on a tenth of a second/
when its generations of war we as a whole manage to ignore/
the hardest questions/
the longest war/
me vs. me/
on the four, three, two/

breaking news/
one point seven nautical miles inside iraqi waters/
or 500 yards into iran/
bring on the slaughter/
its a set up/
a let down/
a bumper sticker on the street now/
says im already against the next war/
thats for damn sure/
and the diplomatic contest begins/
with power point maps/
they are making a case/
before the international judges/
we are asked to consider/
coordinates in water/
come up with an answer/
but when do we get to ask questions/
learn lessons from history/
gerrymandered water/
could you tell us the answer/
on the tips of your waves/
form an iranian dancer/
her mantra bends coral reefs softly/
let us go/
let us go.

breaking news/
“i can say that a public slaughtering took place, but there was no reaction from the authorities”/
said a resident of al wahda/
in iraq the police killed willingly/
reprisal is a word reporters define by default/
i dont think punishing a people/
for a suicide bomber makes sense/
whose fault/
when people end it all to no end/
no longer vietnam/
when the buddhist monks ablaze in the square/
compelled the world to a take minute to look war in the face/
i swear/
50 gun shots in new york/
50 killed in al wahda/
in public/
who does this/
and why?

breaking news/
armando ducat jr./
a kindergarden teacher with political connections/
takes his class hostage/
to teach manilla officials a lesson/
pay for their education like a goverment’s supposed/
to do im thinking local crews got similar blues/
when teachers take violent measures/
what does it mean for us on u.s. soil to pay dues?


facing race nyc:blog entry #1

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