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and if i find the simple curve of the earth breathtaking, then of course i am beautiful in the throes of the gods

dear readers,

i don’t always know how to feel moved, but i do. there are waves of passion and freedom aligning along the shore of my being, creating an outline of my profile out of the infinitesimal grains of sand which were my hope for too long. just waxing philosophical before i hit these dripping streets. here’s a pic from the blackberry jam session at solo in ditmas.

stay tuned for more,

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thank you for over 100,000 hits. a song and film for you, in gratitude.

dear readers,

a couple years ago i guided a latina student into do her hip hop politics midterm paper on chicano rap. she ended up winning a university wide award for that shit. via her momentum, she took flight, now you might see her on univision talking about a protest she organized. im so proud of her. alejandra, she reminds me why i love so much to teach and encourage scholarship in young women.

today im leaving south india to head due north to bombay. my blood is cien por ciento indian, but i grew up in san diego (we call it dego, without knowing the racial implications), my hood we called mecca, also known as mira mesa. and that southern cali childhood wasn’t always so sunny, but you know whats funny, i wouldnt trade it. because its mine. chicano rap and r&b was all around, this here’s a remix of a song we used to chill to, by lighter shade of brown. the song and short film goes out to the sixoneNINE/even suburbs can’t take what’s mine/gonna create all down my life line/gods bless this path the girl she too fine/evil eye off, bring on the sunshine.

prof. singh

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