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sirens for whitney houston: february love poems, winter in brooklyn poems

february love poems, winter in brooklyn poems, and also, a poem for whitney, about the sirens.

for whitney

all i hear is sirens

red white & blue flashlights on

mermaids dashed against the cross

black and blue still singing: boss

risk means gain and loss

all i hear is sirens

wings cracking open from the shells

seashores, oil, dance floor spells

dead birds dead mice dead roaches

dead trees oh mustangs dead horses

with all their leaders gone

humanity thirsted for newness

the mermaids tail began to split

legs where only dolphins was

toes where only abalone pearl

iridescent scales was

her back itched, blood welling scars

wings cutting like teeth through gum

hungry and humble like the sun

all i hear is sirens

full moon over me in the morning

clouds alive, wolfs moaning

subway riding arrow gliding

la luna is it day or night

all i hear is sirens winning a good fight

words and melodies

islands and maladies

sickness and cure

cheeks flush with lure

white cool black heat brown pure

mouth pressed wide with sound

all i hear is sirens

when you’re not around

forget to remember love (for sinatra)


leaders dont follow

the haters are all so hollow

but baby she is

unforgettable in every way

from the hips and how they sway

to the lips and how they say

i love you

pyaar is written in the sky like stars

so many just the other night

i think if we fight there might just be three

one for the money two for the free

that i see in your eyes

please don’t you ever lie

when the choice is cut or cry

please don’t you forget to let die

ashes to ashes blow the dust and try

pheonix i know i fly

i got wings and youre part why

smile for me (for scarface and pac)

scarface said smile so sweetly

poems they ride so neatly

pools of ocean water around veins

pumping through me

shine of my heart

smile shine start

nina simone said im feeling good

funky drummer would

you please kick drum hi hat symbol

on me

cuz this winter starting to feel cold

haters only like to get bold

on the sidelines

cuz thats where they live

give give give

for brooklyn

pharcyde said can’t keep running away

white folks in the neighborhood

never had it so good

jakes had no trace of the face

change pivot with grace

joy laced

just a poem

about this place

called brooklyn


thanks for reading and for the love, rs

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a brooklyn love story: story1: florence and the machines

dear readers,

announcing the launch of a daily story to highlight a song, in prose and free form poetics, set live and in full effect in brooklyn, new york. winter, 2011. the snow, the breath, the jackets, the sweat. between you and me? the fellas never stood a chance. she was that bad. that sweet, that sporty, that sad. for this life there was never anyone gladder. cept all the leaders who led the way before-n-after.

story 1: florence and the machines.

he could whirl you on the dance floor
he could get down on a groove
he could be so patient
and like hella sweet
but smooth

lets say his name was islam
he work in the neighborhood
the cafe now the bar
i like how he smile
and plus i remember when i walked into the cafe
and he was taking a break
and reading this science fiction book that like
was bigger than the bhagavad-gita

where im from in india
one of the regions is uttar pradesh
and our ancestral village
which ive been to
is called madhuban

where im from in india
this town called gorakhpur
we got one of the best printing presses in the
long, vast, and so so current history of india
gita press

but i digress

islam and me could talk about so many things
and i like that
and he gives me gentle, sexy space too
damn boo

so whatever so then he walked me home this one night
and we watched george lopez on the couch
he put his arm around me, it was comfortable
we snuggled

but at the bar beforehand
me and him was up dancing
when no one else was
this is a white bar, mainly
relatively new to the hood
but mad appreciated
we love you syc

let me get back quick

spinning and rocking and
conjuring up the spirit
the girl, she so sick
she dance like a flick
and he was slick kick

up the dick
up it
cup the dick cup it

i can’t lie
i think about him
specially after he came through to
the comedy cabaret segment of my show
last sunday at solos
he smiled
and i like his smile so

romance in brooklyn
as beautiful and varied as i am
as the world is
as india is
as islam is

i wouldn’t trade this life
i gotsta get paid this life
hear the angels calling
hear the dirt crawling
feel the freedom ring
in every one of us a valiant king


another brooklyn story manana. see you then kids.

roopa sings

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twenty eleven: may it be so good to you

dear readers,

happy new year !  it feels like diwali to me.  so i’m scrubbing the insides of my fridge, keeping candles lit, water on the altar, phone calls with loved ones far and wide.  no doubt, it is time to celebrate.

the first anti-war protest i was in was in the 8th grade.  we walked out of class, en masse. thing is, the wars never did stop.  and they say there are more slaves living on earth today than ever before in human history.  so when i say celebrate, i mean that it is our right, even our responsibility, to find the light even in darkness.  to lift like atlas the corners of our mouths so that more of the world alights in peace.

here goes a couple poems i etched at last night, i’m all the way turned up at sycamore’s, lady is writing at the bar, they buying me drinks, she’s writing over the ember glowing bar, i let the stripes dude brush my shoulders off for me, i let the hoody dude play me close, i let the hard worker walk me home, and i let myself be/snowy eyed and writer dyed/black ink/i’m on the hunt/this is how i think.


feels like our peace is at war

nine millimeter floozy at my door

feels like there’s gotta be more

than shiny shopping whore 4 money war

four more years there’s gotta be more


nothing can come between us

our thirst needs no translation

when we break night all through dusk

our breath love’s exhalation

music elation


i could feel your vibe

its all the way live

live and let live

give take and forgive

always been at war

we elect dancefloor

no no no war



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