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basement bhangra: lucky 13th birthday bash rocks the fillmore (nyc)

dear readers,

this one’s gonna be quick, cuz my bike and the sun, the beach and my homegirl are waiting on me.

last night i was at basement bhangra’s lucky 13, that’s a lot of years for any club night in new york city, but especially notable because it still provides a unique, a rare space for desis to groove in both folk and funk ways.

nina sky rocked the stage, their presence was electric, queer, hot, think kanye mixed with pink shot through with bonnie and clyde. their vocals strong, soul cutting. at first i was thinking their covers were stronger than their og pieces, but then they shocked it with this foul mouthed tune. honestly inspiring.

raghav was dope as well, how he peppered songs with our parent’s classic love ghazal’s, oh my god, SWOOOOON. raghav is like our first jay sean, and i still get swept by his teri bathou mai. still feel his voice is most charismatic when he’s singing in hindi, but who am i to wish an artist would restrict himself. he said he’s dropping an album in the u.s. this year, lets hope it does well.

can’t forget about bollywood axion, who’s dance numbers fucking rocked.

happy birthday basement, congratulations rekha, (aka DJ Rekha Mausi)!


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