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that’s comedy: put your light in the air like lumiere

dear readers,

i think it’s time for some more light. today i got on the subway at west fourth street, along with an orthodox jewish family, we’re in the first car, the little girls are clamoring to look through front window, thrilled at the sight of hazy lit tunnels and gleaming tracks. i started looking too, i mean, they were so eager, basically stepping on my shoes, so i quelled the annoyance, dug deeper, found a lightness that i had otherwise written off for my ride home from a day of beautiful grind at work and school. now i’m peeking through, reading tags, watching the light blaze up the tunnel as the train she funnels up the manhattan bridge, check the metal whirl of an oncoming D train, take in the green trees hanging over all the stations in my hood, they wont be green for long, and that rain today, it’ll be ice soon enough, so here’s a little lightness i’ma throw your way. as of today, this is my most popular youtube piece, with like seven thousand hits. it ain’t everything, but it sure is something. 🙂

this was from a performance earlier this year at an amazing event in manhattan called rivers of honey. set out some lemon and honey this morning for oshun. keep up the self love, i believe it’s going to pay off soon. enjoy it!


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