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Eid Mubarak from the City that is Ground Zero

Dear Readers,

This short piece goes out to both all my readers, left and right wing, centrist, apolitical, whoever you are, I am writing to you.

The definition of “ground zero,” according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, goes like this:
1.the point directly above, below, or at which a nuclear explosion occurs
2. the center or origin of rapid, intense, or violent activity or change
3. the very beginning

Let’s stick with # 3; the very beginning. I guess it’s on each of us to decide what 9/11 will be the beginning of. Right now, it’s looking like we got that decision made for us. I was just down in Houston and I heard one talk radio show, “The Muslims are even in our very own Congress!!” I don’t even have a name for the hate, its not just racism, and xenophobia don’t cut it either. Are we so afraid of choice? So afraid that we would rather hate on a worldwide kaleidoscope of people than admit to brotherhood and sisterhood? Maybe. Shit, I have a hard time with brotherhood and sisterhood too, in my very own home, so why wouldn’t I struggle with global unity? I wonder how many of you can relate.

Eid Mubarak from NYC,
where 9/11 is approaching.
Eid Mubarak from America,
where anti-Muslim sentiment reaches for fever pitch.
Eid Mubarak from a Hindu,
who knows that divide and conquer only works if we let it.
Eid Mubarak from a one in neither flood nor famine,
except of the spirit I’m trying not to die in.
Eid Mubarak from a woman whose head is now covered,
sometimes and by choice.
Eid Mubarak from a global citizen with a voice.


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a roopa singh film: “Cultura 4 Prez,” dispatch from election day (featuring my parents, my students, the best fall tree in prospect park and music by shamik)

Dear Readers,

At least 400 of you visit this site every fucking day. Thank you. To my students at Pace in the course of my dreams, Hip Hop Politics, I Love U.

My first independent film, “Cultura 4 Prez,” is featured below. Shot, edited, and produced by: roopa singh. Music by Shamik , http://www.myspace.com/teamshamik)


Poem 4 Me:

i’ve been away

i’m back

i’m stronger

my name is roopa singh

that’s r-double o-p-a

i’m a professor of law, hip hop, and economics

i’m battling lust and sometimes, i believe it when posers say they love me

when they don’t even love themselves

i’m like malcolm and laura on the dance floor

‘cept i’m both

i’m waiting to hear back from the tisch school of arts

because i applied to a masters program in film

so i’ve been away

and now i’m back


On my film, Cultura 4 Prez:

While government and industry both assert their authorship of the American story, the pubic has consistently voted for the arts with their hips, throats, wallets and hearts. Cultura 4 Prez, brings home this point with a vivid and grounding look at America on and around Election Day, 2008. The film poses a timely political question to young and old, immigrant and citizen; “What does change mean to you?” Book ended by scenes from Wildstyle, an iconic film that documents graffiti and hip hop poised between cultural movement and popular consumption, Cultura 4 Prez nurtures the idea that artists are core leaders of the democratic project.

A few months ago I won a teaching award which included a sum of money. With that money I bought my first video camera, a little “Flip” with an attached USB port. This camera is the first video camera to be owned in my family, and it is what I used to shoot Cultura 4 Prez. Since I don’t currently have Final Cut Pro, I produced Cultura 4 Prez in one night, using the tools I needed and burning the midnight oil at a friend’s house.

Bits of magic accompanied the creation of Cultura 4 Prez. The best fall tree in Prospect Park held its leaves for one last day as I captured its sublime representation of change. The Greyhound bus I took to visit my parents Diwali weekend broke down, and I had the extended chance to talk to my fellow passengers. My students at City College are bright pundits, and shine on camera. I was able to sneak my camera in to document my vote, and so on.

The end product is a short film with a lot to say about leadership, change, and the importance of creative mindfulness in heady political times.

Stay tuned for more dear readers. I’m a political poet, with all the news that’s fit to flip.


roopa singh

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