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love doctor: smile for me

dear readers,

it was a humid grey, gusty cave kinda day from east to west coast. so i hear. but i woke up this morning in good cheer, singing, sun is shining, weather is sweet, makes me wanna move, my dancing feet. made me feel so sunny all day, smiling all the way, i wonder why.

what i want to know is, are you coming back again, it ain’t too late to make it right, just tell yourself the truth and i’ll look beyond the jimmy last night, you was always on my mind like human flight, i just said it to you wrong why go all monster tight, why act like a fan when it’s below you, i will always love you but what do i owe you?

yeah, it’s me, the love doctor.

the love doc in dc

but the only advice the love doctor has today is via a friend who once gave me a song, called smile for me.

i was always giving love advice. even back when i was dotting my i’s with hearts and folding words into notes we passed between periods, they had crisp corners and pull out tags, back then we was all straight, unless and until we was being fags. but acting like you know it all is such a drag. i’m keeping my head up and throwing new opportunities in the bag.

stay core for more,

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