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eid mubarak comedy: celebrating the end of ramadan with laughter

dear readers,

we all deserve to celebrate our holidays in joy, if at all possible, and i believe it is. some comedy for you, from brooklyn comedienne roopa singh. who’s blog you happen to be reading. 🙂 enjoy, and please, if you see something, say something.


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back to life, back to reality: not your average oscar post

dear readers,

i went to a oscar party last night with some salga heads at comix, a laugh spot in the meatpacking district. one of the hats i wear: i’m a nyu film head. and i got that good oscar commentary, that good shit. like, hooray for the horror montage! i love you more than rainbows baby? we LOVE you too. and, my red carpet reflection: isn’t america stunning, peacock pretty, and increasingly self conscious of itself, sucking in its belly, in rented ware, fake laughing, make-up caked over the war, you can tell by all that pomp, all that pus, we gotta push, dig deeper, to get/back to life.

roopa’s oscar reflections:

1. Generational Rifts: everyone talking a lot about age and youth, making digs, i’m like age gracefully, please be proud to still be alive, so we can continue to strive too. make room and pave the paths too. step aside so we can glide too.

2. Mic Wrecks: so we all saw that white woman grab the mic from the black man and act a wreck. is she gonna need to apologize on jay letterman? is public opinion going to turn on her like it has turned on kanye and lil mama? i thinks not. why not?

3. Celebrity is a Vulture: all that glitter all them dresses, folks sure did look nice. but at what price? do we even understand the effect of celebrity culture on our societal minds? what does it mean for us to believe that there are people worth more than we are.

4. Zoe’s Dress: okay, given that, zoe’s dress was so fabulous. the tiers of contrasting purples until it hit black, oh my gods, how fly!!

5. Samuel L. Jackson Ain’t All That: mo’nique accepts the well deserved award (she played the hell out of that role, even if you do think the academy shouldn’t award such protrayals of black women) and the “neutral” camera flashes to sam jackson’s dismissive face. lords have mercy, what kind of social divisive shit was that/was not accidental/was not cool/was not surprising.

6. Blue Dress Crew: I like how all the Precious folks wore they blue dresses, go girls!

7. Why is America Still Afraid of Being Smart: the casual comments about what “those scientists do” to make our movie going experience shine, and about cinematography being all heady makes me wonder how to integrate art with intellect when there are so few mass appeal folks encouraging such integration.

8. I heart John Hughes, “You will be happy. You just won’t know it.”: How prophetic and self reflexive, I mean, isn’t that the perfect subtitle for some of those moments on the red carpet? Hughes’s film, The Breakfast Club helped me tap into suburban angst, it gave me a way to clash in the school institutions, it showed me models of how to be in this society. So. Crucial. The montage of his work ended with a mesmerizing clip of a conversation between Kevin Bacon and Alec Baldwin, they are in the fly 80’s grey tuxedos, sitting in a convertible, about happiness: “Am I going to be happy,” asks Kevin Bacon. “You will be happy,” replies Baldwin, “you just won’t know it.” And ain’t that the plague of the rich.

more to come. but before i leave:

i’m on that soul to soul medicine this morning. remember back to life? me and my girl keisha i did a dance to that song for a talent show in the 7th grade, challenger junior high school in mira mesa california. there are so many nice things about choreography and dance but one of the best is that you get so familiar with the music, it enters your bones like marrow and you let it. you gotta hear it over and over, know it, so so well. i remember back to life like i remember you.


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on fort hood: from a brown american perspective

dear readers, 

the airwaves are on high rotation with not the full story about fort hood and major hassan.

vijay prashad, in a recent essay in counterpunch, adds some thirst quenching flavor to the mix.   



i grew up in a military town.  my first house party was on base.  used to go with my friends to the commissary, kick it on the courts with my girls.  there was always so many men on base, not that im only complaining.  anyway, i grew up with a best girl friend from iran, and a best guy friend and his rolling deep family clan from afghanistan.  so when i hear shit, i hear it through these lenses.  

a few months back i posted a piece on busta ryhmes’s song, “arab money.”  one reader who goes by the name, “not my name,” (which i love) commented,

“In fairness… Busta is the type of guy that does these things to make music and the track is absolutely sick… I don’t think poking fun at arabs or any kind of war motivation is intended or present at all… It’s a song, get over it…”  

i want to share with you what i wrote him back, because its on fort hood:

“i can’t lie, i can feel where you’re coming from. but check out what’s going with this fort hood shooting. folks are seriously talking like, “should we even let muslims be in the military?” and all i can think of is, imagine if that same racism was applied to a black officer whose mind broke and started shooting. like if we are a society that would entertain a discussion like, “well, should we even let any black people in the services at all,” then we need to be clear about it and not act like we not substituting one target of racism for another. the racism that existed before the civil rights era did not die, it got quieter but still deadly (just check out the infant mortality rates and life expectancies for african americans), except when it comes to muslim folks who appear to be of arab or south asian descent. that racism is loud and clear. watchu think?”

so, watchu THINK?

take lots of care, 

roopa singh

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