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rihanna and chris: flags at half mast in jersey for whitney

this post used to have a clip from when kevin costner spoke so movingly at whitney houston’s wake this past weekend in jersey.  he kept saying how she would say how she hoped she was good enough.  good enough.  when she was so the definition of great.  sigh.  my last post on chris brown and rihanna was right after he had mauled her.  and that post got thousands of hits.  which made me feel like my writing was probably not just good enough, but was great.  necessary.  anyway, i have only this to say about the patterns of love and hate unfolding, ricocheting like bullets around us.  sheesh, what with being force fed a false election process and now the public self-immolation of other great singers, the drama factor filling air waves filtering all through us is hectic.  so in the midst of all these wars, i’ve been turning back to the art of war, which i once used to help teach tupac’s machiavelli in my hip hop politics class, the 2011 fall semester, at pace.  here’s the quote:

“therefore a victorious army first wins and then seeks battle; a defeated army first battles and then seeks victory.”  i like it, because it reminds me to be present in victory every day, every hour, every moment, each breath.  and, of course, it speaks to strategy, and taking time to set the game plan for victory in motion in the here and now, arrow how, you reach your mark, a win for the artful warrior will not be a lark.  so yeah, taking time to plan.  and focus with every breath i can.

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hip hop holiday tip: speed up to slow down stunna!

dear readers,

one thing about driving in new york, you have to know how to speed up to slow down. i suggest you do the same to truly enjoy the holiday season.


you’re in a car curving around grand army plaza, waiting with bated breath, foot poised over the gas peddle, light turns green, and their off!  until the next block, where a perfectly visible red light has been waiting for you the entire time.  so you slam on the breaks, especially if you’re a dollar van barreling down flatbush ave, and bring your ride to unnecessary, whiplash halt.  proceed in this manner all the way to your destination.  you’ll get there in the same amount of time it woulda taken you if your foot was easier on the gas (if your breath was more even, if your mind was more peace) but you’ll have the added benefit of being good and stressed.  i guarantee you that if you speed up to slow down all the way to your next move (or your last move) you’ll arrive having cultivated a whole next level degree of disassociation and impatience.

this is a perfect perscription for feeling big, bad, and righteous.  which we all need to feel.  when we are being total assholes to ourselves and the world around us.

attention all holiday shoppers.  whether you’re shopping for goods or just a good, peaceful time: keep speeding up to slow down.  cuz its so ineffective it works.   free, painful armor, load up people, its the ultimate black friday dizz-eal!

honestly, why pace yourself?  pacing yourself from here to new years will just mean you get to be present, that you get to be in your body, sit with your feelings, remember all your actions, that you’ll be gently and compassionately compelled towards accountability. its all fucked off.

lead to the pedal baby.  do it.  press on the gas.  because it works so good.  don’t it.


roopstar the mad rapper



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a fight will always get our attention: john stewart takes on cnbc and the cb/rihanna saga

dear readers,

a fight will always get our attention, won’t it?

take rihanna and chris brown, for example. folks who can’t pay attention in class to save their lives are riveted, detail by detail to this saga:

tmz leaked a picture of pummled rihanna! new pics of “chri-anna” tryna make good in diddy’s villa! ellen talked to diddy like she’s the police: why did you give them the keys to your house, thats my house i’ll give my keys to whomever i want! oprah raises the “dating violence” issue for the second time on her show yesterday! college workshops on domestic violence spring up around the nation! chris brown drops out of nickolodeon music awards show in response to outraged parents!, and now, rumors that rihanna and brown are in the studio working on a song together! about the challenges of love!

i can’t lie, fights get my attention too. especially when winning means something.

john stewart, of the daily show on comedy central, brought his verbal war with jim cramer to a head last night by bringing cramer onto last night’s show. jim cramer anchors “mad money,” a non-traditional, entertainment based financial news show on cable channel, CNBC. last night cramer came on the daily show and essentially admitted he had made some mistakes, missed some signs.

stewarts been critiquing financial cable channel, CNBC, for consistently missing the chance to tell its viewers the truth about wise investing and a collapsing economy. why call it news, asked stewart, when its real name is lies?

cramer and cnbc say stewart is a comedian and should stick to telling jokes.

stewart is a comedian. he is a smart comedian with a wildly successful premise: report on the media. some say stewart has no grounds to challenge the credibility of cnbc. i say, we all have that ground. but we don’t all have stewart’s platform.

look, there are three branches of government in this country. the judiciary, the executive branch, and the legislative branch. aka, the supreme court, the president, and the congress. but there’s a fourth branch called media. the modern day democracy relies on this fourth branch at least as much as its lauded three branches.

the u.s. civic narrative makes a big to-do about checks and balances. which simply means, that the court can check congress if congress is acting too bossy. congress can check the president if the prez is acting too bossy. and so on. but there are few, if any, meaningful checks and balances on the fourth branch, the media.

john stewart and comedy central are giving the public something we need, checks and balances on the media. one corporate media platform checking another sounds like a fair fight to me. social justice media watchdog groups like FAIR (fairness and accuracy in reporting) and free press do incredible work, but their reach is so limited, comparatively.

the fact is, no one person is responsible for the capitalisms trip and fall. ceo’s have been shitting marbles onto the smooth marble bank floor for years, pulsing with greed on their way to gimme, gimme more, gimme more. just like britney, the system was bound to trip and fall.

stay tuned for more from political poet,
roopa singh

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