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photography on how brooklyn will never be overrated

dear readers,

there’s so much going on at any given time in america’s coastal hubs, bay area, new york city. so many of my folks in the bay just got into the prince tour, with the mad sheila-e cameo. so jealous! i remember bartending for shelia e’s birthday at sweets ballroom, the whole musical estevez family, a sight to behold. so jealous. ;p

the other day, i heard someone ask, “is new york city overrated?” the question stuck in my mind, because it may, but only for the under-adventurous. as a friend reminded me, there’s plenty of mystery here in nyc, but you gotta be fearless enough to tap that vein with heart. and health. here’s some photo’s from a few recent events that clearly show, brooklyn will never be overrated. for example, last night i was at southpaw last night for rah dig’s all female hip hop showcase, where i was blown away by folks like nitty scott mc reppin coney. there’s live footage to come, promesa! some shots from bedstuy, slick rick’s lodi dodi birthday party (brooklyn bowl), prospect park coming into spring, and a yours truly event, roopstar holding down the last weds comedy show at solo’s, the onliest hood bar in ditmas.

bed stuy at night: tho i walk thru the valley....

brooklyn bowl, an alley with attitude

happy birthday slick rick the rula

at sycamore, the other neighborhood bar

prospect park: bring on the spring

last weds at solos: the block represents

lace and justin tellin me back in the day tales of jacking nice-n-smooth for they girls! RIP Big L!

when he's not djing at pacha, anthony's at last weds comedy night

what about your friends!

much love to brooklyn, for welcoming a west coaster with warmth

come back for more,

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cairo solidarity art: hip hop live from nyc

dear readers,

just got a sec, but i wanted to share two things with you:

1. check out this site for fresh art coming up for cairo solidarity: http://heart-of-the-revolution.tumblr.com

2. watch this lil flick, a remix of biz markies “you got what i need,” i guarantee this will make you feel, short and sweet, with a punch, watch it!


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open mic 2nyt: subcontinental drift (NYC)

dear readers,

here’s where i’ll be tonight, and where at great line up of folks are going to be doing their damn thing, raising our voices at a time when we must, cairo wont be the only thing on the brain, but it will be in my song, and in my comedy too. and i get the feeling we are going to be rejoicing. come through, i bet you’ll leave with a full heart!

come thru:
where: CULTURE FIX, 9 clinton st
where: F TRAIN TO E. HOUSTON, like at Ave B
when: tonight till at least 11
how much: FREE
what: subcontinental drift (more on them below)


A group of talented DC desis got together in 2007 to form Subcontinental Drift, an open mic night encouraging creative expression and artistic participation amongst South Asian Americans. The idea was a hit, and spread to Chicago last year. Now, bringing it all to the greatest city in the world: Subcontinental Drift – NYC!

Celebrate, innovate and experiment on Thursday, February 3 @ Culture Fix. We guarantee it’ll be one of the best nights of your month.

No creative limits: improv, comedy, music, performance art, oratory, dance, spoken word, or whatever else you can think of.

Anyone can perform. Anyone can watch. To schedule a slot in front of the mic, or if you have any questions, email us at SubDriftNYC@gmail.com.

Show starts at 8, ad hoc sign-up for the mic starts at 7:30 (first come first serve).

Join the Subcontinental Drift – NYC Facebook page for more info: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Subcontinental-Drift-NYC/179365938761976


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