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roopstar songs on youtube: new videos from the politicalpoet

dear readers,

i have a passion for music, and i come from a long line of singers. if you don’t know, now you know. here are a couple cuts i’ve been working on over here in kerela, south india. i grew up on hip hop and indian spirituals. so i riff off both of those styles when i sing or rap. enjoy. and remember, get your paper ladies, don’t let los tigres distract you. xoxoxo.

dedicated to my shadow:

this one goes out to my global south folks. may the dope cultural connection between south america, the caribbean, and india only continue to grow through scholarship and art.

leave those youtube comments!

the politicalpoet

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fast: poems to shiv ji and parvati

dear readers,

today i have completed 10 days of fasting, no on solid foods, no on processed anything, no on added sugars, yes on natural juicing, yes on a daily cup of hot milk. why did i fast? to get closer to the gods within. sounds cheese ball, right? but it works. yesterday, the tenth day of may and the tenth day of my fast, i could just pray. prism, kaleidoscope, sun rays to the dome, meditation, yoga, poetry, the practices i call home. i wrote these poems, for shiv ji and parvathi. late last night i got a call from moms. a blessed, rare, lucid conversation. i told her my poems. she told me that monday is shiv ji ka din. alignment!

for parvathi
what beauty is she
brown skinned neck
subdivided by black
waterfalls of hair
glance at her lips if you dare
there is gold inlay
within her cheeks
and oh, when she speaks.

for shiv ji
all i want
to do
is pray to you
play for you
the melody
of my thighs

and just because trick luv da kids, you know i have to include a couple videos. the first is maula mera, from the film anwar. i fucking adore this song and video, light eyed hegemony and everything. from 5:16 though, it’s next level, gets me loose.

the second is a song called try a little tenderness, by otis redding. this is a live version, he kills it, so tenderly. which is, i imagine, how the gods love each other. with fire and tender, both.

stay tuned for more,
roopa singh

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